Dikoe pole is us
We live with cats, and we have a lot of them! At the same time we keep 7 adult animals and anywhere from 5 to 25 kittens. And we also have a dog.
We can tell you how a good cattery is structured
for sure!
Our cat-life
We are selective breeders, and so we put in a lot of hard work into our cats’ breed qualities. We
  • Select our sire cats
  • Calculate possible variations of offsprings with science in mind
  • Continuously study everything relating to felinology, genetics, animal behavior, etc.
We have an extremely active life as a cattery. We get new litters from our cats regularly, we take older sire cats out of breeding, and we find great forever-homes for them.
We have a proficient knowledge of our breed’s features and behaviors, and we are constantly working on them to make them even better.
We treat our pets with a lot of love and care, but these are not the only things we have in our lives. Because of this, any future owner would only ever get from us an excellently-behaved animal that is well-socialized and that has stellar health, good genetics, and good lineage.
All in all, they would get an ideal pet!
I’m an angel, how can you not love me?
After a kitten moves into your home, we won’t leave its new cat-parents without help: we are alway happy to consult our clients on feeding their pet, on caring for it, on raising it up, and on any other questions they might have.
Can’t rest even
when old…
Join our big cat-family of neva cat lovers!
Davydova Svetlana, Volgograd, Russia