Siberian cat

All about the Neva Masquerade
The Siberian cat breed was bred in Russia, but over time it has become popular all over the world. Without exaggeration, it can be called the Russian national cat.

These animals are valued for their natural grace, high intelligence and calm disposition. Thanks to their beautiful thick fur coat, they are perfectly adapted to survive in cold areas. In addition, they have a well-developed hunting instinct, which makes them especially useful for country farms: one Siberian cat is able to ward off rodents from a large house or farm for a long time. In apartments, representatives of the breed feel no less comfortable. The main thing is to provide them with proper care and personal space.
They’re fantastic – but are they the best choice for you?
Siberians are truly unique. They are fluffy and gorgeous, but more than that they’re confident, easygoing and sociable. Siberians adore people, especially children, but are never annoying and demanding. They’re incredibly clever; they can open doors and even drawers, but once they’ve got the drawers open they tend to just luxuriously snuggle in them rather than cause any trouble.
They change their clothes for summer and winter. The winter coat is the one you’ve probably seen in pictures – a wide thick ruff, full tail, and lots of hair everywhere. In the spring, they shed that coat almost completely. The summer coat is only medium-long; in some cats it can almost look like they’re short-haired. Then in the autumn the warm clothes come out again.
They adore toys and will do amazing acrobatics and flips for wands and teasers.
If you dream of a soft, round, reading-on-the-window-seat cat who comes alive when the toys are brought out, the Siberian may be the perfect fit.