Are siberians hypoallergenic?

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This is a tough question to answer – the most accurate statement is “maybe.”
Siberians as a breed have somewhat lower Fel d 1 levels than other breeds. Fel d 1 is one of the major allergens that make people get itchy and sneezy, so for some people a Siberian can trigger fewer allergic reactions.
However, even the lowest-allergen Siberian will have more than enough to trigger reactions in those who are really sensitive, and the allergen levels in each cat go up and down based on diet, stress, hormones, etc.
If you have mild cat allergies, Siberians may be a perfect answer for your family. If you have major allergies, or have ever had a life-threatening reaction to a cat, you will probably still react to a Siberian, and we’d honestly recommend that you not put yourself at risk by trying.