What king of grooming do Siberian cats and kittens need?

Caring for a Siberian cat is, first of all, taking care of her fluffy fur coat. To prevent the wool from getting tangled and have a sleek look, it must be regularly combed: for adult animals - at least once a week, and for kittens - every day. It is recommended to wash your cat about once every 6 months.

If a pet has the opportunity to go out for a walk freely, it is important to control its exposure to the sun: under the influence of direct sunlight, its beautiful fur quickly fades and loses its gloss. When maintaining the apartment, the windows should be equipped with protective nets: a Siberian cat, keen on hunting for birds, risks falling from a high floor and getting injured.

The large size of the breed dictates the use of spacious trays. To find the right filler, it is worth trying several different options. Empirically, the pet will choose the optimal one. Also, the house should have specially prepared places where the cat can sharpen its claws, otherwise it will spoil furniture and walls